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greetings and salutations! [Nov. 20th, 2008|01:42 pm]
Secret Pressies!


Your Name or Nic-Name: inanna

Where you're located: Seattle, WA

How you found this group:deliciouspear, of course :D

Your Hobbies: Knitting, jewelry making, reading, making botanical skin products, aikido, vegan cooking

Your Likes: Purple, cobalt blue, and dark green. Dragons and faeries and Goddess images. Books. Knitting stuff (new hobby). Incense and candles. Handmade/homemade things.

Your Dislikes: Most food stuff (unless it is vegan, and free of wheat and refined sugar... a real hassle, i know). The colours orange and avocado green and harvest gold (think 70's kitchen appliance colours).