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intro post [Dec. 7th, 2008|10:54 am]
Secret Pressies!


[mood |curiouscurious]

Your Name or Nic-Name: Laura

Where you're located: Cincinnati, OH

How you found this group:

Your Hobbies: knitting, reading, cooking, various dabbling in craftiness (beading, paper stuff... in spurts and inconsistently. :) )

Your Likes: coffee, chocolate, the colors green, blue, and purple, and earthtones and jewel tones, cuddly things, things with a purpose, yummy yarn, adventures, games, things for a kid at heart, "ethnic" foods (I'll try anything, as long as it's not hot/spicy), winter and fall

& Dislikes: clutter/stuff that just sits somewhere, neon/super bright colors, fandoms, spicy/hot foods, summer

Questions? :)