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secretpressies's Journal

Secret Pressies!
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This community is for anyone who loves to get snail mail and presents in the mail.

You are welcome to watch/join the community without signing up for the gift-exchange, but if you don't "sign up" you wont get a present!

Here's how it works:

When you join, please make a post with the following:

Your Name or Nic-Name:

Where you're located:

How you found this group:

Your Hobbies: (example: knitting, playing guitar)

Your Likes & Dislikes: (example: "I love the colour pink, country music and star trek. I hate sports, mozart and chocolate.")

If there are certain things you'd really like to receive or NOT receive: (example: "I love anything craft-oriented. Please don't send me anything edible!"

THEN email your LJ username, SNAIL mail name & address to pressies @ brightgirl .net with "SECRET PRESSIES SIGN UP" in the subject.

You will have a name & address sent to you

Send a present or collection of small presents to that person!

You will get something in the mail as well!


You can sign up at any time, but addresses will be assigned on the 8th of each month. You then have until the 24th to send your pressies.

Please email us if you haven't gotten anything by the 24th.


BE WARNED: If you don't send anything and do not let us know ahead of time you will be banned from this community. Sorry if that seems harsh, but it really sucks to be the person who made something really cool and then never got anything.

Don't sign up if you won't actually send anything!


Feel free to post when you send stuff, or post reports or pictures of what you get!